Roger is a management tool to organize projects.


With Roger you can organize all your Projects creating Tasks and give them an order. For every project you can also create Activities where you can save multimedia files like video, images and audio files.



Create and organize every project you need to manage and give them a priority.


For every project you can create multiple Tasks and work on a tiny part of the project.


For complicated project you can also use Activities and store multimedia files.


Roger is now available with 2 different solutions.

13.00 € / mese
Nessun download o installazione,
utilizzo online e progetti gestibile
da qualsiasi dispositivo.
233.00 €
Donwload del codice sorgente.
Supporto per installazione e configurazione
Resuisiti sono php 7 o superiore
MySql o db equivalente
Mamp, XAMPP o simili.